We are building healthy communities across Nye, Lincoln, and Esmeralda Counties and we welcome anyone interested in helping! The coalition is made up of individuals, organizations and agencies that are focused on joining together in cooperative and collaborative efforts to increase prevention services and opportunities.

NyE Communities Coalition provides specific services to the community and to the membership of the coalition; these services include:

Regional Prevention Resource Distribution

NyE Communities Coalition provides Alcohol, Tobacco, Drug, Violence, Gambling, and other problem behavior prevention materials and resources.  Come look through our prevention resources – pamphlets, booklets, and posters for distribution and informational and instructional videos to loan.  Materials are appropriate for a variety of ages and settings.

Fingerprinting for Volunteers

NyE Communities Coalition will complete the fingerprinting process on your agency’s fingerprint cards.  There are currently no costs for member organizations; however, it is requested that member organizations assist the coalition with the cost of supplies so that the service can continue. Appointments are needed and fingerprinting is limited to specific dates and times.

Professional Development and Trainings

NyE Communities Coalition offers trainings and professional development at no to reduced cost to member organizations and for a fee to non-member organizations and individuals.  NyE Communities Coalition is especially invested in the development of the professional development of the social service fields and is interested in partnerships and opportunities that encourage professional development.


NyE Communities Coalition has limited amounts of data available to member community organizations that exhibit a need for assessment or grant writing.  Requests for data should be specific and should allow for adequate time for collection of the information.  Everyone is encouraged to access the most recent Comprehensive Community Prevention Plan to determine if the requested data is available there before making a request of the coalition staff.

Grant Management

NyE Communities Coalition offers grant management information and expertise to coalition members.  For extensive management trainings or oversight there will be costs associated with the process.