We facilitate safe learning spaces

NyE Communities Coalition originated in December 2000, when the Nye County School District (NCSD) contracted with Community Intervention, Inc. to provide training on the process of Community Intervention. The 21st Century Community Learning Center SAFE Schools and the NCSD Safe & Drug-Free Schools grants supported the group, originally known as the Pahrump Awareness League.

– Our Mission

The mission of NyE Communities Coalition is to grow healthy organizations, people and environments (HOPE) across Nye, Esmeralda and Lincoln Counties by joining together individuals, organizations, and agencies in a cooperative and collaborative effort to increase services and opportunities.

In July 2002, NyE Communities Coalition was funded and accredited by the Nevada Bureau of Alcohol and Drug Abuse as one of 11 statewide prevention coalitions. NyE Communities Coalition has evolved from a group of concerned citizens in Pahrump to a non-profit coalition of concerned and energetic individuals representing a combined, cooperative Nye and Esmeralda Counties. NyE Communities Coalition currently consists of numerous members & partner agencies, representing a wide variety of sectors and engaging youth and adults across the two counties. The efforts of the coalition membership have resulted in science-based prevention programming in communities that had not previously had any concerted prevention efforts. NyECC has increased professionalism, knowledge and skills in the prevention organizations and created comprehensive preventative efforts across Nye and Esmeralda Counties.
Activities of the coalition have included:
  • Professional trainings for the community
  • Distribution of a Community Prevention Plan where gaps, resources and prioritized risk and protective factors for youth are identified
  • Monthly youth substance free activities
  • Community Awareness events and trainings
  • Hispanic Advocate Position at Even Start, providing dozens of interpretations translations, and advocacy on a monthly basis
  • Leveraging of and access to resources that would be unattainable without the collaboration of coalition members
  • Development of a Youth Component of the coalition (YO - Youth Organization which provides for youth leadership and involvement in prevention activities
  • Alcohol, tobacco and other drug abuse prevention programming for youth and/or their parents in Beatty, Amargosa, Tonopah, Gabbs, Round Mountain, Goldfield and Pahrump
  • Professional trainings related to non-profit management and grant-writing
  • Promotion of the social norming message among youth regarding the reality that the majority of youth in Nye and Esmeralda do not use drugs
Currently, NyE Communities Coalition provides over $200,000 in funding for prevention efforts to partner agencies serving Nye and Esmeralda Counties. This funding and other coalition effort has resulted in many achievements including the following:
  • Collection, compilation, and distribution of data and information
  • Assistance and information regarding grants
  • Data collection of youth problem behaviors and the completion of a comprehensive community prevention plan
  • Removal of barriers for agencies that limits their potential for securing resources
  • Promotion of coordination and communication between community agencies and organizations
  • Funding of prevention programming in the community
Of all of the successes in the last couple of years, the one with the strongest potential for future benefits to the communities has been the development and nurturing of relationships among individuals throughout the two counties.